Academic Integrity Module

What is Academic Misconduct?


Collusion is defined as "cooperation with one or more other students on assessable work unless this has been specifically allowed in the Course Outline" (University of South Australia, 2023, p. 2).

The work you submit should be your own and you should complete it individually unless specific instructions require you to work with others.   It is ok to discuss ideas and concepts from your course with other students (e.g. as you may do in tutorials or other classes), but you should not receive or provide assistance for assessments.  To avoid colluding with others, work on your own assessment tasks and avoid sharing any work that is for graded assessment  with others.  For more examples of collusion refer to the chapters on Receiving significant assistance, Providing assistance when not permitted and File sharing.

What should Jack do?

Jack has joined an online study group and has noticed that everybody is uploading their drafts to help each other out. Should Jack upload his draft too? And should he be using other people's work to inform his own writing? Watch the video to hear what other UniSA students think and the advice they'd give Jack.

(Video length: 1 minute, 24 seconds)