What is Academic Misconduct?

Contract cheating

Contract cheating is defined as the "outsourcing of assessments to a third party, whether that is a commercial provider, or a non-commercial provider such as a current or former student, family member, or acquaintance" (University of South Australia, 2023, p. 2).

All work that you submit for assessment must be done by you.  Paying for or getting another person or organisation to do an assessment and submitting as your own work is serious academic misconduct.  It is also a criminal offence for any person to provide or advertise this service to others in Australia.

What should Hannah do?

Hannah is having trouble with an assignment, and the deadline is in two days. She has seen a post on social media for a service that does assignments for a small fee. Should she use the service? Watch the video to hear what other UniSA students think and the advice they'd give Hannah.

(Video length: 1 minute, 30 seconds)