Academic Integrity Module

Breaching exam procedures

What the policy says:

Academic misconduct includes 'breaches of the examination procedures that have been determined to be breaches of academic Integrity (see clause 6.4)' (UniSA 2021, p.44).

What this means:

Exams are designed to test your knowledge of course content and how you apply it under time constraints. Cheating in exams is a form of academic misconduct, as it gives you an unfair advantage over others. You will be identified as cheating if you:

Smith, M (dir.) 1990, 'Mr Bean', Mr Bean, television program, Thames Television.

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What to do:

     Be aware of exam procedures provided in UniSA‚Äôs Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual 2021

     Respect exam procedures

     Be clear about each course's exam expectations.