What is Academic Misconduct?

Breaching exam procedures

Academic misconduct includes "a breach of examination procedures (AB-68 P3) that is determined to be a breach of academic Integrity" (University of South Australia, 2023, p. 2).

Exams are designed to test your knowledge of course content and how you apply it under time constraints. Cheating in exams is a form of academic misconduct, as it gives you an unfair advantage over others. 

You will be identified as cheating if you:

To avoid breaching exam procedures:

     Be aware of UniSA's Examinations Procedure (University of South Australia, 2023)

     Respect exam procedures

     Be clear about each course's exam expectations.

What should Emma do?

Emma has mismanaged her time and has not studied for an upcoming exam. However, when she finds out the exam is going to be online, she decides she's going to Google the answers. Not only is this a breach of exam procedures, and considered to be academic misconduct, but what impact could this have on Hannah's future career? Watch the video to hear what other UniSA students have to say.

(Video length: 1 minute, 24 seconds)