Other Academic Integrity tips and resources

As discussed in this module, acting with academic integrity at university means acting with respect, honesty, trust, fairness, responsibility and courage. Simple ways to do this include:

     referencing the sources of information and ideas in your assignments

     paraphrasing other people's work and ideas while still referencing the source

     completing your own work independently

     behaving honestly in exams, assignments, and other types of academic work.

Referencing is an important tool for academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism.  Actions you can take to ensure you reference correctly include:    

   putting ideas and information in your own words while doing research

   recording your sources' authorship and publication details

   finding out which referencing style you need to use and learning its rules

   inserting references into your work as you write

   using Turnitin to check for similarity of your work to other sources

   learning more about referencing and paraphrasing elsewhere on this website 

   attending online academic skills workshops

   booking an appointment with a Learning Adviser.