Academic Integrity Module

Presenting false or copied data

What the policy says:

Academic misconduct includes ‘presenting data that has been copied, falsified or in any way obtained improperly' (UniSA 2021, p.44).

What this means:

The data you collect and use in your assignments must be presented accurately, and honestly represent your research. It is academic misconduct when the data you present is:

  • copied - if the assignment asks for your research findings, it is your findings that must be presented, not data copied from another student or source
  • falsified - the data presented in your assignment must be the data you collected, and must not be modified; In some cases you may need to adapt the format of your data (e.g. put it into a table) to suit the task requirements
  • obtained improperly - your data must be collected ethically.

What to do:

     Ensure your data is collected ethically and presented accurately

     If using data from other sources, present and reference it correctly.