Academic Integrity Officer Meeting - what to expect

Have you been contacted by an Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) regarding potential academic misconduct?  Watch this video which explains what to expect. 

(Video length: 2 minutes, 40 seconds)

Outcomes from the Academic Integrity Officer meeting may include: 

- no academic misconduct involved (further education may be provided)

- a warning (no penalty applied)

- requirement to complete a learning module

- requirement to resubmit the assignment with revised referencing and paraphrasing

- a penalty less serious than zero grade for the assignment

- a zero grade for the assignment

- referral to Executive Dean, or delegate, who will initiate a formal inquiry.

Note that outcomes may vary and increase based on the severity and frequency of the misconduct. There are also consequences if you breach exam procedures.  For further information on the process and outcomes, see UniSA's AB-69 P1 Academic Integrity procedure (University of South Australia, 2023).

USASA, the UniSA Students' Association, has Student Advocates whose roles are to advise students of their rights and support them throughout this process. There is also an Appeals process which you can explore.