Academic Integrity Module

What is Academic Misconduct?

Providing assistance when not permitted

Academic misconduct includes "providing assistance to a student in the completion and/or presentation of their academic work unless specifically allowed in the Course Outline" (University of South Australia, 2023, p. 3).

It is unacceptable for you to provide significant assistance to other students to complete their assignments.

While it is acceptable to talk to your fellow students and give them advice, you must not write, rewrite or produce any part of their assignment. If you do, the work they submit will not be entirely their own, and they will be guilty of misconduct. In addition, you too will have committed misconduct because you provided significant assistance where it was not permitted.

  • Do not help to write, rewrite or produce another student's assignment
  •  Do not allow another student to read or copy your assignment in either paper or electronic format.