UniSA Media Library

Add embed code

The UniSA Media Library player can be added to webpages including Mahara ePortfolio using the embed code that was included in the upload confirmation email.

Note 1: The embed code cannot be used to add video or audio to a discussion forum and wiki. Some Mahara pages also won't allow you to add video with the embed code. The Link to Video method must be used in these situations.

Note 2: Media that is set to the Private category can only be viewed by you. You will need to change to an appropriate discipline category. If you uploaded the media via the UniSA Media Library Content page (see Manage Content) you probably have already done this however, if you uploaded the media for assessment then by default it was set to Private and you will need to change the category if you want it viewed by other UniSA students and staff.

To add the UniSA Media Library player to webpages and Mahara (where allowed); copy and paste the embed code that was included in the upload confirmation email, into the HTML view of your page editor. View the help video and instructions for more detail.

Example - UniSA Media Library media player added with embed code

Alternate versions of the embed code for a small and large media player are included in the upload confirmation email. You will find examples of both players below. The small player is excellent for viewing on mobile device while the large player works well for desktop viewing. Remember that viewers can expand both versions to full-screen mode.

Small player

Large player

Help Video - How to add UniSA Media Library resources with embed code

Help Instructions - How to add UniSA Media Library resources with embed code to discussion board

  • Create a new topic or reply to a existing topic.

  1. Enter text to introduce the video.
  2. Click and activate the HTML editor.
  • Open the confirmation email that you receive when you uploaded the video file.

  1. Highlight the HTML code for the small or large video player.

    Small Player:
    <p><iframe width="330" height="270" src="VIDEO" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></p>

    Large Player:
    <p><iframe width="650" height="395" src="VIDEO" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe></p>

  2. Right-click and Copy the code.
  • Close the email.

  • Right-click and Paste as plain text the code into the HTML editor.

  • Click Update.

  • Click Save changes.