UniSA Media Library

Manage Content

The UniSA Media Library Content page can be used to upload non-assessment media, delete media and edit all media attributes. Functionality is independent of learnonline.

Note: If media is deleted via the UniSA Media Library Content page it will become unavailable on all learnonline and external websites that link to it.

Open the UniSA Media Library Content page

Help Video - How to manage content (1:50 min)

Help Video - How to upload media from the Content page (1:11 min)

Help Instructions - How to manage content

Click the following link to open the UniSA Media Library Content page.


  1. Enter your UniSA username.
  2. Enter your passwork
  3. Click LOGIN.

  • Click the Content icon.

  1. Enter search parameters to search for media. You can only search for media you own in the Content view.
  2. View all your media under Media Listings.

Delete Media

Note: The following instructions are for permanently deleting media. The media will cease to function in all learnonline sites that link to it.

  1. Click to select the file you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete selected media.

Download Media

  • Click the Filename number to download the file.

Add Media

The following instructions are for adding media independently of learnonline course sites. The link or embed code in the upload confirmation email can then be used to link the media to learnonline course sites. This method is used when the media is going to be linked to websites that are not learnonline.

  • Click ADD MEDIA.

This will launch the UniSA Media Library upload wizard.

  1. Add the required information on the Details page.
  2. Click NEXT.
  3. Enter the required information on each of tab pages clicking NEXT to move through each tab.

Note: The upload wizard steps can be viewed in the Help video and instructions in the UniSA Media Library Activity section .

Manage Content

Various media attributes can be changed under Media Listing.

  1. Click the camera icon to preview media.
  2. Change the title.
  3. Select an alternate Category.
    Note: Media set to "Personal" can only be viewed by the media owner or in the case of assignments by the marker/s as well as the student. If you want to share media files you need to change the category from "Personal" to a "Discipline Category" which will allow it to be viewed by UniSA staff and students (login required). It cannot be made publicly available.
  4. Select a category in Quick Edit to apply that category to all media.
  5. Click APPLY after changing title and category then YES on the confirm screen.
  6. Click to launch the upload wizard and work through the tabs making changes as required.