Why be a Study Help PAL?


  • A Certificate of Participation at the end of the Study Period for consistent involvement.
  • Study Help PALS who have completed 20+ hours in the program are eligible to apply for paid casual positions as Study Help PALS Leaders as required.

As a Study Help PAL, you will also develop valuable employability skills.


Look at the list of selection criteria below.  Which three do you think employers consider the most important when recruiting graduates?

  • Calibre of academic results
  • Leadership skill
  • Critical reasoning & analytical skills/technical skills
  • Interpersonal & communication skills (written & oral)
  • Work experience
  • Activities (including intra & extracurricular)
  • Cultural alignment/values fit
  • Drive & commitment/industry knowledge
  • Emotional intelligence (including self-awareness, confidence, motivation)

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In addition to working on your interpersonal and communication skills, as a Study Help PAL you will have an opportunity to:

  • help other students and share experiences learnt from past challenges
  • explain practical study skills you’ve developed
  • acquire new study skills and knowledge
  • contribute to the UniSA community and work in a student-centred team