Which of the following queries do you think a Study Help PAL could help a student with?  If you think it is not something a Study Help PAL would directly assist with, what advice could they give the student?

Look back at Expectations of Study Help PALS to help you check your predictions.

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  1. Showing where to find slides used in academic skills workshops

  2. Clearing a paper jam from the printer

  3. Advising on making a change to enrolment

  4. Finding the assignment feedback form on a course site

  5. Clarifying the processes involved with an academic integrity issue

  6. Showing how to book an appointment with a Learning Adviser

  7. Proofreading an assignment

  8. Demonstrating how to run a search on a library database

  9. Showing how to post a question on the referencing forum

  10. Resolving a technical issue with a computer

  11. Submitting an assignment for a student

  12. Interpreting a Turnitin report