What happens next?

Face-to-face training session
Make sure you have booked into a training session on campus via CareerHub. Don't forget to bring your answers to the activities and quizzes with you (even if incomplete) plus any queries you may have. Please also bring a laptop/tablet for use during the session.

After completing your training, we will let you know whether you have met the requirements to join the Study Help PALS program.  If you haven’t, we will discuss how you can work towards your involvement in the next intake.

On the other hand, if you feel that the program is not for you, just let us know that you no longer wish to be involved.

Also, if your circumstances change, you are free to withdraw from the program at any time.

Getting started as a Study Help PAL

If you have met the training and other requirements to join the program, we will:

  • provide you with a Study Help PALS T-shirt
  • finalise the schedule for the next study period
  • go over admin requirements (communication processes and record keeping)
  • provide Zoom training for online component of drop-ins
  • answer any other questions you may have.