Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop

Submitting to the workshop

Before any submissions can be made, your course coordinator needs to have moved the workshop activity to the Submission phase. The current status of the activity will be indicated by the coulmn that is shaded green. In the image below the activity is in the submission phase.

A. Submission Phase highlighted
B. Submission instructions
C. The Example Submission (if required). Note: the menu is collapsed by default. Click on it to expand.
D. Link to the actual example submission
E. Click the Assess button, to assess the  example submission.
F. Click Start preparing your submission to begin the submission process.


  1. Enter the title of your submission
  2. Add your submission text
  3. Upload any files associated with your submission
  4. Click Save changes to submit.

The page will refresh showing your submission

A. The text you added as your submission
B. Any files you uploaded
C. Click the Edit submission button to make changes to your submission. Note: You will be able to make changes until the activity moves to the assessment phase.