Teaching Dashboard

learnonline Activity and Resource Implementation

Report Function

The report illustrates the number of activities and resources implemented within the course offering.
This can be useful for a Course Coordinator to use as a quick reference to summarise their learnonline activities and resources.

learnonline Activities & Resources

Report Features

A. Select the help icon to display a description of the report.

B. The number of times that an activity or resource type was used within the learnonline course site for the selected offering.

C. Activity and resource types that can potentially be used within a learnonline course site.

D. Select Download to obtain a copy of the raw data used in the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Filtering the report

E. Select a check box(s) to hide or show activities or resources from the report.

Comparing the report to different data

F. Select the Offering drop-down to choose a different offering of the same course to add as a comparison data set to the report. A legend will be shown to indicate the offering for each data set.