Teaching Dashboard

Student learnonline Engagement (Ratio)

Report Function

The report illustrates the proportion of students who have or have not engaged in individual activities and resources for the course offering.
This can be useful for a Course Coordinator to clearly identify activities and resources that students have viewed and/or contributed to.

Student learnonline Engagement (Ratio)

Report Features

A. Select the help icon to display a description of the report.

B. Activities or resources used within the learnonline course site.

C. The proportion of students that have engaged and not engaged in the specified activity or resource.

D. Select Download to obtain a copy of the raw data used in the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Filtering the report

E. Select an activity or resource type to hide or show that type from the report. Select the expand icon to allow selection of individual activities or resource of a specified type.

F. Select Update to refresh the report based on filter selections.

G. Select a value from the drop-down to filter the report based on View and/or Contribute engagement types.

Drill through

Select a bar to view the Student learnonline Engagement (Detail) report for the selected activity or resource.