Teaching Dashboard


The Task List is designed to help Course Coordinators and teaching staff prepare their learnonline environment and manage tasks during the study period. The listed tasks are relevant to the course offering that is currently being viewed with the Teaching Dashboard.

  • A task that displays with a red exclamation point icon indicates that the item is incomplete and requires attention.
  • A task that displays with a green tick icon indicates that the item is complete.

The Task List will check for the completion of the following items:

  • That the Course Outline is created and published for students - refer to Course Outline Tasks
  • That a learnonline website is created and open for students - refer to learnonline Tasks
  • That final grades have been entered and released to students via Result Entry (including any secondary assessment results if applicable) - refer to Result Entry Tasks
  • That the course and teacher evaluations have been configured and run for students - refer to myCourseExperience Tasks

Task List Refresh

The Task List will be updated every 24 hours. A live update can be triggered at any time by selecting the Refresh button.

Task List Refresh Button