Teaching Dashboard

Dashboard Customisation

Staff are able to customise the dashboard to their own requirements by adding or removing widgets, and moving widgets to different locations within the Dashboard grid. Changes to the Dashboard layout are saved automatically.

Add new widget

Add Widget - Step 1

  • Select Select an item to add.

Add Widget - Step 2

  • Select the name of the widget to add to the dashboard.

Add Widget - Step 3

  • The selected widget will be added to the dashboard layout and displayed on screen.

Remove widget

Remove Widget - Step 1

  • Select the Close button for the widget to be removed from the dashboard.

Remove Widget - Step 2

  • The selected widget will be removed from the dashboard layout.

Move widget

Move Widget - Step 1

  • Select and hold the name of the widget to be moved, and drag the widget to it a new location within the dashboard grid.


Help Video - How to move a widget (0:12 min)