Teaching Dashboard

Lecture Recording Views (Month/Study Period)

Report Function

The report illustrates the lecture recording views for the course offering over the selected study period or month.
This can be useful for Course Coordinators in identifying the popularity of lecture recordings over the course of the teaching period.

Lecture Recording Views (Month/Study Period)

Report Features

A. Select the help icon to display a description of the report.

B. The number of times students viewed the specified lecture recording per week/day (via their learnonline course site).

C. Study Period View - Weeks that make up the study period, displayed as the first Monday of each week.
    Month View - Days of the selected month.

D. Select Download to obtain a copy of the raw data used in the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Filtering the report

E. Select a lecture recording from the drop-down to view the report for the specified recording.

F. Select Study Period or Month to view the report per study period week or per day within each month.
While viewing by month, select the calendar icon to select a different month to view.