Help for students using myCourseExperience course and teacher evaluation.


myCourseExperience is the application that you can use to evaluate each of your courses and all the staff involved in teaching them. You can access myCourseExperience  via the link in the email you will receive, inviting you to participate and from the Course Essentials block of each learnonline course site. You will be able to answer questions about your course and then move onto questions about your teachers. myCourseExperience can be accessed on desktop and mobile device.

A myCourseExperience evaluation will be generated automatically for all study periods and will contain six core course questions and six core teacher questions. Course Coordinators will have the ability to add two additional course and two additional teacher questions.

You are encouraged to actively participate in completing the survey to provide feedback about your courses and teachers. This will help UniSA to improve your courses and how they are taught.