Help for students using myCourseExperience course and teacher evaluation.


You can access myCourseExperience from the link in the invitation to participate email that you received or from your learnonline course website. Both access points will take you to the Current Evaluations page , which lists all your courses and teachers with links to complete the course and teacher evaluations.

  1. Click on the Resources icon in the left hand navigation. 
  2. Click on myCourseExperience in the expanded menu. 

  3. Find the current evaluations at the bottom of the page.

Note: Please read the UniSA duty of care information at the bottom of the Current Evaluations page which states that:

UniSA has a duty of care to provide a safe teaching and learning environment for the University community. In this context, and in the interest of promoting a cooperative and productive relationship between staff and students, please consider the rights and feelings of the intended recipient when providing feedback about your course.

In particular, as a student of the University, you have a responsibility not to use electronic communication to cause distress, harass or threaten individuals, or crate an intimidating or hostile work environment. Breaches which constitute misconduct will be addressed by the procedures outlined in the applicable statute or policy.