Help for students using myCourseExperience course and teacher evaluation.


Q - Do I have to complete all course evaluations?

A - It will be appreciated if you can complete all evaluations to help UniSA improve courses and how they are taught.

Q - Is my evaluation response confidential?

A -  Yes, Individual responses will remain confidential and no student will be identified.

Q - Do I have to complete all teacher evaluations?

A - No. Only complete evaluations for the staff who taught you.

Q - How do I access myCourseExperience evaluations?

A - Via the link in the invitation to participate email you received or the link in the Course Essentials block of learnonline course sites.

Q - Will there be an evaluation for all my courses and teachers?

A - Yes, evaluations are created automatically for all courses and all teachers associated with the course.

Q - Should there be a photo of all my teachers?

A - This voluntary and the teacher's decision whether or not to upload their photo.

Q - How long will the evaluation be open?

A - Generally until the end of the study period however, your Course Coordinator may alter the dates depending on course needs.

Q - How many reminder emails about completing evaluations will I receive?

A - You will receive two reminder emails. They will stop as soon as you complete your evaluations.