Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop


Moodle’s Workshop module is a peer assessment activity with numerous options. Students receive two marks, one for their own work and another for their peer assessments of other students’ work. Both these marks appear in the grader report. 

Note: At UniSA, this module can only be added as a formative assessment or as an activity. Therefore the assessment method menu in the grader report will need to be set to Activity.

Workshop allows students to submit their work via an online text tool and/or by uploading files. 

Some of the basics of using the Workshop module:

  • Every student submits their own work. The Workshop module does not support team work (in the sense of one submission per group of students).
  • The submissions are assessed using a structured assessment form defined by the Course Coordinator. Workshop supports several types of assessment forms.
  • Workshop supports peer assessment. Students may be asked to assess a selected set of their peers’ submissions. The module coordinates the collection and distribution of these assessments.
  • To help students understand the assessment form (and the process of peer assessment in general), instructors can provide example submissions and a reference assessment. Students can assess these examples and compare their own assessment with the reference provided by the instructor.


Workshop in Moodle 2.0 video