Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop Update

Assessment phase

During this phase students assess submissions allocated to them.

As in the submission phase, access can be controlled by specified date and time. See Availability settings for instructions. 

Information displayed in the Assessment phase column.
  1. The date/time that the assessment phase commences.
  2. The date/time that the assessment phase closes and the time remaining.
  3. Whether any time restriction applies.

The grades report

Below the planner tool, you will see the Workshop grades report.
This report displays the following for each student:
  1. Student name.
  2. The students submission.
  3. The mark the student has received.
  4. The mark the student has awarded.
Note: Surnames have been removed from the image above.
Columns C and D also allow you to track how students are progressing with the assessment phase.
  1. Initially student names will be displayed in red.
  2. Once a submission has been assessed, the student names corresponding to the submission and the assessment will change to black, and the mark will be displayed.