Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop Update

Grading settings

Grading for the workshop activity covers both the students' own submission and their assessment of other students' submissions. The maximum marks for each of these components can be defined by the Course Coordinator.

  1. Select the grading strategy you wish to use. The options are:
    • Accumulative grading: Comments and a mark are given regarding the aspects of the workshop specified.
    • Comments: Comments are given but no mark can be given to the specified aspects
    • Number of Errors: A yes/no assessment is used and comments are given for specified assertions
    • Rubric: A level assessment is given regarding specified criteria
      NOTE: Assign a mark for each 'Level grade and definition'.  The mark for the first 'Level grade and definition' must be zero for the rubric to grade as expected.
      You can also refer to Rubric instructions:    
  2. Enter the maximum mark attainable for submitted work.  Select the assignment activity from the dropdown alongside
  3. Enter the grade the student must gain for their submission to pass.
  4. Enter the maximum mark attainable for assessment of other submissions.  Select the assignment activity from the dropdown alongside.
  5. Enter the grade the student must gain for their feedback to pass.
  6. Set the number of decimal places allowed in the marks.

Note: For more detailed description, visit Workshop grading strategies - Moodle docs (opens in new window)