Peer Assessment using Moodle Workshop Update


Q. How the are these marks calculated?

A. Make sure you read carefully the pages explaining workshop grading and grading strategies (these links go to the external moodle documents site).


Q. How can I get the workshop to switch phase automatically?

A. In Administration > Workshop Administration > Edit settings tick the box 'Switch to the next phase after the submissions deadline' in the access control section. The workshop will then automatically switch to the assessment phase. See Availability settings for details.


Q. How can I make selected submissions available to all students?

A. When in the Grading evaluation phase, it is possible to publish (i.e. make visible to all participants) selected submissions you might consider are helpful examples. To do this, you will need to tick the Publish submission check box in the Feedback for the Author section when viewing the submission. See Assessing the submission- feedback for the author for instructions.


Q. Why can't the students assess submissions?

A. For students to assess submissions the workshop needs to be in the assessment phase, an assessment form must have been created and submissions must have been allocated for assessment.


Q. Can I assess a student's submission as well as the already allocated students?

A. Yes. You can do this during the grading evaluation phase. See Assessing the submission for instructions.


Q. Can I change a mark awarded by one of the students for a submission?

A. Yes. See Evaluating the Peer Review for instructions.


Q. Can I change the total grade for a submission or give overall feedback on the submission?

A.  Yes, See Assessing the submission- feedback for the author for instructions.