Add an Activity

Add a Glossary

Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on.

The page will refresh.

Select add an activity or resource

  1. Select Add an activity or resource.

Add a Glossary

  1. Select Glossary.
  2. Select Add.

Adding a new Glossary

  1. Enter the name of the Glossary.
  2. Enter a description of the Glossary.
  3. Select whether you wish to display the description of the Glossary on the course page.
  4. Select whether you wish for the Glossary to be global.
  5. Select the Glossary type.
    Note - the default Glossary type is a Secondary Glossary.
  6. Select to allow entries to be approved by default.
  7. Select to always allow editing.
  8. Select to allow duplicate entries.
  9. Select to allow comments to be added to entries.
  10. Select to automatically link entries.
  11. Select the glossary display format.
  12. Select the display format used when the entries are being approved.
  13. Enter the number of entries shown per page.
  14. Select to show alphabet links.
  15. Select to allow all entries to students.
  16. Select to allow browsing using special characters such as "*" and "#".
  17. Select to allow the print view of the entries.
  18. Select to allow an RSS feed to be set up for the glossary.
  19. Select the number of entries to include in the RSS feed.
  20. Enter the grade to pass if required.
  21. Select to rate the glossary entries.
  22. Select the method of rating and maximum mark if required.
  23. Select to restrict ratings to entries within a specific date range.
  24. Select the date range for rating restrictions if required.
  25. Change the Common module settings if required.
  26. Select if you wish to restrict access to the Glossary.
  27. Select if you wish to track activity completion of the Glossary.
  28. Select if you wish to associate tags with the Glossary.
  29. Select Save and return to course.