Add an Activity

Add an External Tool

Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on

The page will refresh.

Select add an activity or resource

  1. Select Add an activity or resource

Select external tool

  1. Select External tool
  2. Select Add

Add external tool

  1. Enter the name of the External Tool.
  2. Enter the URL for the External Tool.
  3. External Tool setups will generally use default values.  If additional setup requirements are highlighted by the External Tool provider, contact IT for further assistance.***
  4. Select required privacy options.
  5. Select the grading options if required.
  6. Select if you wish to define common module settings.
  7. Select if you wish to restrict access.
  8. Select if you wish to track activity completion of the External Tool.
  9. Select if you wish to add tags to the External Tool.
  10. Select Save and return to course.