Add an Activity

Add a Lesson

Lesson Appearance Settings

Lesson appearance settings

  1. Select to add a media file for use during the Lesson.
  2. Select to display the progress bar at the bottom of the Lesson page.
  3. Select to display an ongoing score on each page of the Lesson.
  4. Select to allow students to navigate through the lesson via a list of pages.
  5. Enter to display the menu only on subsequent attempts after the student has attained a minimum grade.
  6. Select to display the lesson as a slideshow.
  7. Select to force the maximum number of answers used in the lesson.  If true/false questions, this will be set to 2.  Relates only to display for the lecturer.
  8. Enable default feedback to be displayed for answers if an alternative is not entered.
  9. Provide the link to another activity in the course.