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Add a RPnow online exam

Invigilation of approved online examinations is administered through Remote Proctor NOW (RPnow); a software application that will create a video of the examination. A student's actions, on-screen activity and room environment will be recorded on the video. RPnow will be linked to a Moodle quiz within the learnonline course site. Students launch RPnow, login to their Moodle site and start the quiz (exam).

Students can download RPnow to the PC or Mac on which they intend to undertake their exam. RPnow will allow access to most applications on their computer however, the course coordinator must advise students which applications are permitted during the examination. Using other applications may be deemed a breach of online exam rules and affect the examination outcome.

Students must complete in sequence, ten steps in the online exam process. Help instructions and videos will guide students through the process.  Please see below for where these resources are located for the relevant student cohort:

UniSA enrolled students - UniSA Moodle page: Online Exams RPnow Help for Students.
UO enrolled students - UniSA Online Moodle page: UO Online Exams RPnow Help for Students.

Course coordinators are advised to follow the Exams with online invigilation: Checklist for Academic staff on the SAS Exams SharePoint for important information.