Add an Activity

Add a Certificate

  1. Select Turn editing on
  2. Select Add an activity or resource
  3. Select Certificate
  4. Complete the fields (see below)
  5. Save and return to course.

The available fields for Certificates have been restricted

  • Certificate Name - What students click on to collect their certificate
  • Introduction - Optional information
  • Text Options - Enter the teacher names in this text box as you would like them to appear. By default, this text is placed in the lower left of the certificate. The following html tags are available: <br>, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <img> (src and width (or height) are mandatory), <a> (href is mandatory), <font> (possible attributes are: color, (hex color code), face, (arial, times, courier, helvetica, symbol)). 
  • Design option - Orientation as Landscape or Portrait
  • Restrict access - Add one or more restrictions that means that students need to do something before they pick up their certificate. 
  • Activity completion - Show activity as complete when conditions are met. 

The name of the certificate comes from the name of the module in which the Certificate is located. For this reason, you may need to create a separate hidden section in your website with the appropriate name.