Add a resource Update

Add a Lightbox Gallery

Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on.

The page will refresh.

Select add an activity or resource

  1. Select Add an activity or resource.

Select Lightbox Gallery

  1. Select Lightbox Gallery.
  2. Select Add.

Adding a Lightbox Gallery

  1. Enter the name of the Lightbox Gallery.
  2. Enter a description for the Lightbox Gallery.
  3. Select the number of images to show on each page.
  4. Select to display the full caption text with the graphics in the Lightbox Gallery.
  5. Enter the preferred position for the caption.
  6. Select to allow the images in the Lightbox Gallery to automatically resize relative to the screen or uploaded image size.
  7. Select to allow users to add comments to the Lightbox Gallery images.
  8. Select to make the Lightbox Gallery public.
  9. Select to allow RSS feeds.
  10. Select to show additional information about the images in the Lightbox Gallery.
  11. Change the common module settings if required.
  12. Select if you wish to restrict access to the Lightbox Gallery.
  13. Select if you wish to track activity completion of the Lightbox Gallery.
  14. Select if you wish to add tags to the Lightbox Gallery.
  15. Select Save and return to course.