Changing Settings Update



  1. This is maximum grade of the assignment and how this will be calculated. The grade is automatically converted to the weighting percentage depending on the settings in the gradebook.
  2. Choose from Simple direct grading, a Marking guide, or a Rubric. Please see the Marking help for more information.
  3. This is where the hurdle can be set for "passing" the assessment.  If set, the grade will be highlighted in the gradebook in either green or red.
  4. This option hides the identity of the student from the marker. Once submissions have been made to the activity this option can not be changed.
  5. Enabling this option allows all results to be released to the students at once.  This is useful when there are multiple markers, enabling the course coordinator to ensure grades and feedback are available to all students within the whole course at the same time.
  6. Enabling this option allows you to allocate markers to students or groups of students. This option is can only be selected if the marking workflow option is selected.