Changing Settings Update

Feedback Type Settings

Feedback types

  1. One or many Feedback types may be selected for each assignment
    • Feedback comments allows markers to enter a comment that will be visible from the student's gradebook along with their grade.
    • Document services printing allows markers to send files to document services for printing.
    • Feedback files enables markers to upload a file to the student. This can be a separate feedback form, rubric, an annotated copy of the student's original assignment or a video/audio file giving feedback.
    • Manual submissions enables the marker to create manual submissions in bulk.
    • Offline grading worksheet enables markers to download a file which they can use to mark, and then upload it back to gradebook to apply the marks.
    • Zero marks enables markers to apply and remove a zero mark to students eg for failing to submit.
  2. Comment inline is only valid for online text submission type assignments.  This allows the marker to add comments directly into the student's submission.