Changing Settings Update

Visibility of activities & resources

Prior to January 2018, course coordinators were able to construct Moodle sites using "Orphaned Activities". This allowed them to link to resources and activities that students could still access that were contained within an invisible "orphaned" section . This was done in preference to hiding a section which also made the activities and resources inaccessible to students.

Orphaned sections were generally used to streamline a website structure by displaying simple links (to orphaned activities and resources) rather than an embedded video, iSpring, book or other resource/activity that may take up valuable screen real estate.

The concept of Orphaned Activities has been replaced in Moodle 3.3 (released on 6 January 2018) by functionality that allows a resource or activity to be placed within a week or topic section but set to "Available but not shown on course page". A simple link can then be used within Moodle pages, resources or activities that links to a resource or activity that is set to "Available but not show on course page". This makes it easier for course coordinators to manage course content which can be added within relevant week or topic sections (that contain the link) rather than creating orphaned sections at the bottom of the page.

Set Activity & Resource Visibility

To set an activity or resource so that it's Available but not shown on the course page:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Click Edit settings.

  1. Click Common module settings.
  2. Click the drop down arrow.
  3. Select Make available but not show on course page.
  4. Click the Save and return to course button.

  1. Available but not show on course page will display under the activity or resources.

Link to Resource

To link to the resource or activity that is available or not shown;

  1. Right mouse click the activity or resource title.
  2. Click Copy link address.

The link address can be used to create links anywhere within Moodle pages, resources and activities.