Groups and Groupings Update

Auto-create groups

You can auto-create groups to randomly select users from all default groups in the course.  To create groups only from within a particular default group, see Create manual groups.

Select Groups

From the Administration block;

  1. Select Users 
  2. Select Groups 

Select Auto-create groups

  1. Select Auto-create groups

Autocreate groups Expanded 

  1. Select a Naming scheme.  Group@ will automatically create Group A, Group B etc.           Group# will automatically create Group 1, Group 2 etc.
  2. Select to x Number of groups or x Number of members in each group.
  3. Enter the number of groups or number of members per group depending on the selection in step 2.
  4. Select the role from which to choose group members ie students, staff or all.
  5. You can elect the group members to be selected from a specific cohort, grouping or existing group.
  6. Select to Allocate Members randomly, based on their name or based in their ID.
  7. Select the Prevent last small group checkbox to allocate additional members to an existing group rather than creating a new group with fewer members than specified.  This applies when Members per group is selected in the Based on field.
  8. Select Ignore Users in Groups to only allocate members who have not yet been allocated a group
  9. Select to Include only Active Enrolments to ensure students who have withdrawn are not included in the groups.
  10. Select Grouping of Auto-created Groups to automatically generate a grouping and populate with the new groups, allocate groups to existing groups, or not allocate to a grouping as required.
  11. If a new grouping is selected in step 10, enter a Grouping name for the new grouping.
  12. Select Preview to view created groups before submitting.
  13. Select Submit.