Groups and Groupings Update

Create manual groups

Add / remove users

After you have created manual groups,you can add/remove users for that group.


Select group

  1. Select the group
  2. Select Add/remove users. 

Potential Users

Student names will only appear in the list if the student is officially enrolled in the course. Staff names will only appear in the list if the staff member's name has been added to the Program and Course Management System (PCMS) by their School Timetabler.

Group Members

Students and staff allocated to the group will appear in this list.  

Selecting Users or Members

Multiple users may be selected at once by holding the Ctrl key while selecting user names.

A. The Search field can also be used to quickly locate users within a large enrolment.

Select users

  1. Select one or more users from Potential Users.  
  2. Select Add until all required users are added to the group.
  3. Select one or more users from Group Members
  4. Select Remove until all required users are removed from the group.
  5. Select Back to groups.