Groups and Groupings Update

Create manual groups

You can create manual groups of students and staff associated with the course.

Select Groups

From the administration block;

  1. Select Users
  2. Select Groups  

 Default groups will display.

Select Groups

  1. Select Create group.

New Group

  1. Enter a Group name.
  2. Enter a Group description.  This will display on the participant page.
  3. Enter an Enrolment key if you wish to enable access to the resource to be restricted to only those who know the key.  This is generally not necessary and set at the course level.
  4. If a picture is uploaded and associated with the group, this option allows the picture to be visible in connection with
  5. Upload a picture to be displayed if necessary
  6. Select Save changes.


New group displayed

  1. The new group will be displayed.

The next step is to add members to the group.