Groups and Groupings Update

What are Groups and Groupings?

Default groups and groupings

A default group is an enrollment class in Medici.

A default grouping is an offering. A Learnonline site can have multiple offerings.

Note: Default groups and groupings cannot be changed.

Default Grouping Adelaide

Default Grouping External


Additional groups

Additional groups can be created within a course offering.

Additional groups


Additional groups

  1. Additional groups are added to the list of default groups.

Additional groupings

Additional groupings can be created either from the original default groups or from your own manually created groups.

Grouping from default groups                                                                                               

Grouping from default groups

Grouping from manual groups

Grouping from Manual Groups

Groups enable students to work in 'teams' on the same activity.Groups can be allowed to see other groups' work or only see their own groups work.

Groupings are clusters of groups which work on different activities. A grouping usually cannot see the activities of other groupings.

Groups and groupings can be applied to:

  • all resources and activities as a whole at the course level or
  • individual resources and activities in Common modules settings.