Groups and Groupings Update

Import Groups

For large numbers of students, importing groups from a file may be an easier and less time consuming task.  This is achieved by creating a "comma separated values" or .csv file containing information you would usually input one group at a time via Create Group.  This file is easily created in Excel with each field in a separate column as shown below and saved in the ".csv" format.

The first row of the file should contain the following fieldname headings, separated by commas or in separate columns. 

  • groupname - this is the only field that must be included in the first line and defined for each row of information
  • description, groupidnumber and enrolment key are all optional, as they are when you physically create a new group

Subsequent rows contain the data corresponding to the headings.  

For example, four groups could be set up as

Import Groups csv

A picture cannot be included when setting up groups in this manner as it will result in an error.

You can also enable the automated allocation of the groups by including a groupingname as an additional fieldname and corresponding name for each group.

Once the file is created:

User groups

  1. Select Users from the Administration block
  2. Select Groups

Select Import Groups

  1. Select Import groups

Import Group setup

  1. Upload the .csv file by either selecting via Choose a file or drag and drop into the box
  2. Select Import groups