Course Site Basics Update

Course site basics

This book gives an overview on the basics of operating and navigating your course site. We have help available on:

  • Browser requirements
  • Accessing your course website
  • How to¬†Copy or Create a course site
  • Course site navigation and overview
  • Course site overview
  • How to Turn editing on
  • Editing tools
  • How to make a site available to students
  • Managing weeks and topics
  • Add and manage Blocks
  • How to move a block to a sidebar
  • How to move an activity or resource
  • How to edit the title of activity or resource
  • How to upload a file
  • How to upload an image to a page
  • How to upload a video to a page
  • How to stop automatic embedding of videos
  • How to enable more options
  • Managing Copyright status
  • Change the website format
    • Tab format
    • Grid format
  • Access the grader report
  • How to download grades for viewing