Course Site Basics Update

Accessing your course site

 Access the University of South Australia homepage at

Login Screen

  1. Select Login from the UniSA homepage.

Staff login 

  1. Select Staff.

myUniSA will open.

Select Teaching

  1. Select Teaching 

An authentication window will open.


  1. Enter your UniSA Username.
  2. Enter your UniSA Password.
  3. Select Log In.  

Select Courses

  1. Select a course offering you wish to view.

Course Dashboard

  1. Select to view or create the Course Outline.
  2. Select to access the Learnonline site for the course.
  3. Select to access Result Entry if available to the user.
  4. Select to access the MyCourseExperience evaluations.
  5. Select alternative offerings of the course in the current or previous study periods.