Course Site Basics Update

Download grades for viewing

If you wish to view multiple results for students in a spreadsheet, this is the way to get them together.

 Select Grades

  1. From the main course page in the Administration block select Grades

Select assessment method and Export

  1. Select the Assessment method required

Export Options

  1.  From the Grader Report drop down select Excel spreadsheet from the Export options.  Other options are available but the Excel spreadsheet is the easiest to manipulate and most commonly understood interface.

 Export report Options

  1. Select the items to be included in the download one by one or Select all.
  2. Select to include feedback in the report.
  3. Select to show only active students.
  4. Select the format of the grades.
  5. Select the number of decimal places in the grades.
  6. Select Download.

The file will download for use.