Course Site Basics Update

Upload an image to a page

Please make sure to first turn editing on to complete this process.


Select picture icon

  1. Position the cursor where you wish to insert the picture.
  2. Select the Insert/edit image icon.

Locate file

  1. Select Find or upload an image

Select file

  1. Select "Choose File" and select your file.
  2. Enter an alternative name if required to associate with the image as it is stored associated with the object.
  3. Enter an author name if necessary.  This will default to the name of the person uploading the file
  4. Choose your license (copyright information).
  5. Select upload this file.

General settings

  1. The file name will display.
  1. Enter an Image description.
  2. Select the Appearance tab if you wish to check additional settings or select Insert.

Appearance settings

  1. Select the alignment for the graphic related to surrounding text.
  2. Select the dimensions of the graphic.  If the Constrain proportions is selected, changes to the width will cause a proportionate change to the height and vice versa.
  3. Enter a value to include vertical or horizontal space around the graphic.
  4. Enter a value to add a border around the graphic.  
  5. Set the Class if required
    1. The properties associated with the graphic will display
  6. Select the Advanced tab to select required additional settings or Insert.

Advanced settings

  1. Select to include an Alternative image.
  2. Select the alternative image to display when the mouse is over the picture and / or when the mouse is not over the picture.
  3. Enter a Title for the picture.  This will display when the mouse hovers over the image and is necessary for accessibility.
  4. Select Insert.

Additional settings are not necessary for the majority of users.