Course Site Basics Update

Upload a video to a page

Select insert moodle media

  1. Position the cursor where you wish to insert the video.
  2. Select the Insert Moodle media icon

Select find or upload a sound,video, or applet

  1. Select Find or upload a sound, video or applet...

Choose file and continue

  1. Select Choose File to select your file
  2. You can enter text into the Save as field to change the name of the uploaded file
  3. Enter the name of the author who uploaded the video.  This defaults to the current user.
  4. Select the Copyright status of the file
  5. Select Upload this file

Select Insert

  1. The video will display in the upload window.
  1. Select Insert.

The filename of the video will appear, select save and return to course

  1. The filename of the video will appear

Select Save and return to course

Video displayed

  1. The video will display on the course page.