Course Site Basics Update

Editing tools to manage topics, activities and resources

With editing turned on you are able to perform several functions.

Edit Topic

Edit topic

  1. Select the pen to edit the name of the topic
  2. Select Edit to access 
    1. Edit topic settings
    2. Highlight the topic
    3. Hide topic
    4. Delete topic
  3. Select the arrow to move the topic within the website.

Edit Topic Settings

Editing topic settings

  1. Select to enable the topic to be renamed.
  2. Enter the name of the topic.
  3. Enter a description of the topic.
  4. Select to Restrict access to the topic. 
  5. Save changes.

Highlight Topic

Highlight topic

Highlighting a topic may be useful to draw attention of the students to an important element within the website.

Edit Activity or Resource

Edit activity or resource

  1. Select the pen to change the name of the activity or resource.
  2. Select Edit to:
    1. Edit Settings to change the settings of the existing activity or resource.
    2. Move right.
    3. Hide the activity or resource.
    4. Duplicate the activity or resource to enable quick and easy creation of similar elements.
    5. Delete the activity or resource. Note:  This cannot be undone
  3. Select the arrow to move the activity or resource within the webpage.