Add an assessment Update

To make an assessment summative on the learnonline course site, it must first be linked to the published Course Outline.  This does not happen automatically.

Courses copied over from a previous study period may display assessment links already.  These can be re-used for the current study period; but, they will not be summative until they are linked to the current Course Outline.  Courses created with new blank learnonline sites will need to have assessments added from scratch, see Add an Assignment


Make an assessment summative.

Turn editing on

  1. Select Turn editing on.

Select edit icon

  1. Select the Edit settings tool for the assessment which is to be made summative.

Modify assessment method

  1. Select Modify Assessment method

Select offerings

  1. Select the check box(s) for each offering where the assessment is the same.
  2. Select Proceed to settings.

Note: There are many settings and generally only the following settings require attention.  All other settings have the correct defaults.  Advice on changing these defaults and using additional settings can be found in the Changing Settings help option.

Name description and dates

  1. Assignment name will default from the Course Outline.
  2. Enter assessment instructions in Description.
  3. Modify Display description on course page as necessary.
  4. Verify all additional files are uploaded.
  5. Select the date/time for Allow submissions from.
  6. The Due date will default from Course Outline and cannot be changed.  However, the No submissions after date may be enabled and set to restrict the date until which students can submit without an extension.  Note: If "Other" entered in the Course Outline the date can be changed.
  7. Verify Always show description selection


  1. Select one or more submission types for the assignment.
  2. If one submission method is File submission, select the maximum number of files accepted for the submission.
  3. If one submission method is File submission, select the maximum combined file size.
  4. If one submission method is Mahara ePortfolio, select the Mahara site name submissions must come from
  5. If one submission method is Mahara ePortfolio, select the locking behaviour of the pages after submission.
  6. If one submission method is Online text, select the maximum word count if necessary.
  7. Select at least one Feedback type.
  8. If one submission method is Online text, select to enable the markers to comment within the student's submission.
  9. Upload Feedback proforma if necessary.
  10. Select the submission settings.
  11. Select the group submission settings.
  12. Change the notification settings if required.

  1. Select Grade.
  2. Enter the maximum mark from 1-100.
  3. Select the required Grading Method.
  4. Select Blind marking to hide student names from markers.
  5. Select Use marking workflow if required.
  6. Select Use marking allocation if required.
  7. Select the Common module settings.
  8. Select Activity completion if required.
  9. Enter Tags if required.
  10. Select if an Exam activity.
  11. Select to Display grade to students.
  12. Select to Restrict file submission types.
  13. Highlight the file extensions to limit the types of files submitted and select the button to select / deslect.
  14. Select to Allow Doc Services Printing.
  15. Select names of personnel able to approve extensions.
  16. Select Save and return to course.