Add an assessment Update

Using a Rubric for marking

Select to edit assignment

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Select Edit Settings.

Select to use Rubric

  1. Go to the Grade section and set the Grading method as Rubric.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and save the changes.

The rubric can be accessed and set up or changed at any time, not necessarily when the assignment is initially created.

Select Assessment

  1. Select the assessment to which you are defining or changing the rubric.

Enter assignment link

  1. Under the Administration block, select Advanced Grading.
  2. Select Define Rubric. 

Select new or use existing rubric

  1. Select to create the rubric from a blank template
  2. Select to create from an uploaded template.  

A.  The points for the first level in each criteria must be zero for the rubric to calculate correctly.

Create from a blank template

Define new rubric

  1. Enter the name of the rubric.  A rubric can be reused across courses so a meaningful name is useful.
  2. Enter a description of the rubric.
  3. Click on Click to enter criterion and enter the name of the first criterion.
  4. Assign a description for each level of feedback.  
  5. Assign a mark for each level of feedback.  The mark for the first level must be zero for the rubric to grade as expected.    
  6. Select Add level to add an additional grading level for the current criterion.

Add criterion

  1. Select Add criterion until all grading criteria are defined.
  2. Select ascending or descending order in which the levels across each criteria are displayed.
  3. Select appropriate options for the rubric.  For summative assessment, the option Display points for each level to those being graded should not be selected as the student is only shown their overall grade, not the marks achieved for each component of the assessment.

Save rubric

  1.    Select Save rubric and make it ready, or Save as draft to enable changes before being visible to students and markers.

Create from existing rubric template

Use existing rubric

  1. Select to display a list of rubrics defined within courses already defined by you.
  2. Enter a search string or leave blank to show all previously defined rubrics.

A.  Each rubric available will display, showing marking criteria and options available.

Select rubric to use

  1. Select Use this form as a template.  The rubric will then display.

Edit rubric

  1. Select Edit the current form definition to make necessary changes to criteria and options.
  2. Select Delete the currently defined form to remove the rubric.