Mark a summative assessment

Add a summative assessment

Improve page refresh speed

You can improve the grading page refresh speed by reducing the number of assignments displayed. The more assignment displayed, the longer the page will take to refresh. To reduce the number of assignments displayed:

Click the Filters and Quick Grading drop down arrow to expand the section. The assignments per page option will display.

Quick marking options

  1. Select the Assignments per page to display.  The lower the number, the higher the refresh speed.  Note: Assignments per page must be set to 50 or less to display full details of the student submission, including the assignment file and Turnitin similarity score.
  2. Select to filter the submissions depending on
    • No filter
    • Not submitted
    • Submitted
    • Requires grading
  3. Select the workflow filter to
    • No filter
    • Not marked
    • In marking
    • Marking completed
    • In review
    • Ready for release
    • Released
  4. Select the file naming convention to username or Student ID
  5. Select to show only active students
  6. If the assignment submission is more than a single file, then submissions may be downloaded in folders and files are not renamed.