Mark a summative assessment

Add a summative assessment

Mark assignment and return feedback

Marking Rubric

Select to grade your student

  1. Select to grade your student

Select level for criterion and add comments if neccesary

  1. Select the level at which you believe the student performed for each criterion.
  2. Enter any additional comments to the student related to each criterion.
  3. Set the Marking workflow state

Add comments and save

  1. Enter a summary comment if necessary
  2. Upload a feedback file if necessary.  This may be the original submission with comments throughout.
  3. Select to Allow another attempt.
  4. Select to Notify students.
  5. Select Save changes to return to the submissions page or Save and show next to progress through the assignments.

Note:  The system will not progress to the save screen or to the next user if some criterion have not been highlighted.