Mark a summative assessment

Add a summative assessment

Single View Report

The Single View Report is accessible to Course Coordinators and Course Administrators and provides the ability to generate:

  • A list of all student marks for one selected assessment
  • A list of all assessment marks for one selected student
  • Add a Zero in a bulk process

Both reports allow users to override current student marks and feedback if required.

The Single View Report 

Drop-down box in Grader Report

  1. Select the Single view option from the drop-down box within the Grader Report

A blank Single View Report will then display:

Select grade item and user

  1. Select to view the grades for all students for a single grade item or all assignments for a single student

Example: all student marks for a single assessment:

Single View Report - Assignment

Bulk mark upgrade

  1. Select the target students
  2. Exclude any students that are yet to receive a grade

Bulk upgrade of marks

  1. Select the option Perform bulk insert at the bottom of the screen
  2. Save